Restorative Dentistry

Many things can contribute to tooth loss, injury or dental decay. If you have tooth problems and need repair work done, restorative dentistry can help. Restorative dentistry includes treatments such as dental crowns, implants and dentures. Restorative dentistry works to give you back the smile you once had by repairing what has been injured or lost. If you are interested in restorative dentistry, a consultation is the best way to get started! By scheduling a consultation with your dentist, you can see all of your treatment options and decide which ones may work the best for. To get the smile you’ve always wanted, call today to get started!


Dental crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth and protect it from further damage, as well as protect the surrounding teeth from being affected. Crowns are also used to replace missing teeth. Dental crowns are color-matched to surrounding teeth so they blend in naturally with your smile. Crowns are also custom-made to fit your smile comfortably so that they both feel and function like a natural tooth. 


Dental implants are made to last for many years and are one of the most durable and permanent options for replacing missing teeth. Implants leave you with a permanent solution for your smile. Implants provide many benefits such as preventing jaw bone loss, keeping other teeth from shifting out of place and restoring your smile to its former glory. If you are interested in dental implants in Denver, CO, call today to set up a consultation appointment!


If you are suffering from missing teeth, dentures are a great option! If you are a candidate for dentures, you can receive treatment that will fully restore your smile. Partial dentures replace a section of teeth that are missing, whereas full dentures replace all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. If you want more information about dentures in Denver, CO, we can help! Call today to get started.

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